About Us

Pupils’ wellbeing is at the heart of everything we aim to do. We are an inclusive school and every member of our school community is valued. We expect the best from each one, and that leads us to achieve overall success in a variety of areas. Whether pupils are more able and talented, gifted at sports or the arts, or have additional needs, we commit to ensuring the best possible learning journey for each individual, building their capacity to become skilled, life-long learners who are socially aware, healthy and active citizens.

If your child attends Cantonian at the moment, then you know most of this anyway, but if you are reading this with a view to sending your child to us, either at Year 7 or as a later entrant to the school, then we hope that you find all the information you need on this site. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our School Aims


The best from each, success for all.


To improve the quality of pupils' lives through their educational experience.


To achieve school improvement through:

  • Providing an inclusive and appropriate curriculum for all our pupils.
  • Providing an improved, safe environment, which supports effective learning.
  • Regularly celebrating success which creates a culture where achievement is valued.
  • Providing consistently high standards of learning and teaching, which improve achievement across the curriculum, and all key stages.
  • Developing a learning community that raises the status and value of education.
  • Preparing pupils with the skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT by which they achieve their full potential.
  • Empowering and motivating young people to achieve their best and develop into citizens who have respect for themselves and others.