At Cantonian, we operate a Cashless Catering System using biometrics (similar to the fingerprint reader on most smart phones) for school meals.  This system means that pupils do not pay for their meals or snacks with cash, but simply by placing their thumb on the reader at the tills. Accounts are toped up online via ParentPay. 

Pupils who receive free school meals will have their entitlement added to the account daily.  If you decide not to register your child for biometrics, the school will provide an alternative method of identification such as a 4 digit PIN code.  Please note, however, that a PIN code does not have the same level of security, and it will be your child’s responsibility to remember the code and keep it secure at all times.

The online payment system at Cantonian is called ‘ParentPay’.  It is a secure website where you can pay for all your child’s meals/snacks via an online account.  You only need to create one log-in for your account however many children you have attending Cantonian, and ParentPay will provide a receipt for every payment you make, by email, to the address that you have registered. 

It also allows you to be reminded by email/text about payments you need to make.  The daily limit your child can spend is currently £7, but you can reduce this limit by writing a letter to the school.  Once your child starts at our school, you will automatically receive a log-in and password for you to access the website.

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