Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

Croeso i'r rhan Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol ein gwefan ysgol

Welcome to the Additional Learning Needs section of our School website


Cantonian High School is a true community school.  We pay particular attention to the provision made for, and the achievement of, individuals and different groups of learners within the school. We are a truly INCLUSIVE school. We strive to ensure that all our learners are engaged and achieving. Being an inclusive school, we are likely to look different from day to day as we continuously change to meet the needs of our learners. We use a person-centred practice (PCP), which is an approach based on a set of shared values that can be used to plan with a person and not for them. As part of this PCP approach, all our learners at Cantonian are working towards their One Page Profile (OPP).  This single document captures all the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper.  The One Page Profiles help us to build better relationships with our pupils, supporting them in the way that suits their individual needs, which inevitably will result in positive change.

New ALN Information:

Across Wales, provision for young people with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) is changing.

As part of the Additional Learning Needs Educational and Tribunal (ALNET) Act 2018, Welsh Government has replaced the term ‘special educational needs’ with ‘additional learning needs’ (ALN).  

ALN Information for Parents

ALN Information for Pupils