Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs D Gill


    Mr G Jones

    Head of School

      Mr M Cook

      Deputy Headteacher

        Mrs E Taylor

        Deputy Headteacher

          Mr C Woolley

          Assistant Headteacher

          Mrs N Thomas

          Assistant Headteacher / ALNCo

            Mrs M Hewett

            Assistant Headteacher

              Directors of Learning

              Mrs R Teague

              Director of Learning – New Curriculum

                Miss K Edge

                Director of Learning – Business & Careers

                  Mrs D Lynch

                  Director of Learning – Coaching & Mentoring

                    Heads of Year

                    Mr D Mulroy

                    Co-Head of Year 7

                      Mr J Dyer

                      Co-Head of Year 7

                        Mrs K Gundy

                        Head of Year 8

                          Mr GH Davies

                          Co-Head of Year 9

                            Mrs H Billett

                            Co-Head of Year 9

                              Miss D Hagon-O’Dare

                              Head of Year 10

                                Miss K Davies

                                Head of Year 11 & Key Stage 4

                                  Mrs J Croydon

                                  Head of Years 12 & 13

                                    Subject Area Leaders

                                    Miss L Oakley

                                    Subject Area Leader: English

                                      Mrs I Hale

                                      Subject Area Leader: Mathematics

                                        Mrs S Saint

                                        Subject Area Leader: Science

                                          Mrs D Lynch

                                          Subject Area Leader: Arts

                                            Ms G Smith

                                            Subject Area Leader: Humanities

                                              Mr S Radsma

                                              Subject Area Leader: Languages

                                                Miss K Edge

                                                Subject Area Leader: Enterprise

                                                  Mr G Davies

                                                  Subject Area Leader: PE

                                                    Miss R James

                                                    Subject Area Leader: Skills

                                                      Miss A Grooms

                                                      Vocational Skills Co-ordinator

                                                        Pastoral Team

                                                        Miss V Hull

                                                        Child Protection Officer

                                                          Mrs S Charlton

                                                          Deputy Child Protection Officer

                                                            Miss C Sueref

                                                            Attendance Lead

                                                              Mrs L Kelly

                                                              Family Engagement Officer

                                                                Key Associate Staff

                                                                Mr N Powell

                                                                Business Manager

                                                                  Mr K Monroe

                                                                  Network Manager

                                                                    Mr M Hallett

                                                                    Estates Manager