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Admissions are made via the Cardiff County Council website.

Cardiff's School Admissions team has put together 7 tips to help people by explaining how the admissions process works, the importance of using all preferences available to them and why they should apply on time. It covers things like:

·       The importance of applying on time, by the published application deadline

·       The benefits of exploring all the schools in the child’s area by visiting their websites and reading their reports

·       The need to include a full list of  school preferences in the first application form to increase the chance of getting a  school of choice  and making sure the application form includes  essential information such as if the child has a sibling at the school or any additional learning, medical or social needs.

The animation and information is also available on the webpage (please see the link below) in several languages including Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Romanian, Somali, Polish, Portuguese and Welsh.

Applications for applying for a secondary place in September 2021 opened on Monday 28 September and close on Monday 23 November 2020.


View the 7 tip guidance video


Visit the Cardiff Council Admissions site

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cantonian a good school?

Cantonian High School is recognised as being a GOOD school.  We were inspected in March 2019 by Estyn, the education and training inspectorate in Wales.  During that inspection, they judged the school as being GOOD in each of the 5 inspection areas.  You can read our inspection report here:

In addition, we are a GREEN school under the national school categorisation system which means we not only have the capacity to be self-improving, but that we can also support other schools in their school improvement journey.  You can find out more about a school’s categorisation here:

What strategies are in place so that pupils learn and achieve well?

Embedded across the school is 'The Cantonian Craft' which ensures consistency of learning across the school.  Pupils are engaged at the start of lessons with 'Do now' activities to allow them to access their learning quickly.  Teachers explain clearly and ensure that they are modelling exactly what is expected of pupils’ work so that all pupils are able to succeed.  Feedback is given during lessons and opportunities for pupils to improve their work are given.  During the lesson, there are continuous progress checks so that teachers can ensure pupils understand before the pupils are moved on; this allows all pupils to succeed.

What is the ethos of the school?

The school’s ethos is ‘The best from each, success for all’.  This is underpinned by our core values which we refer to as the 3 Rs – Ready, Responsible and Respectful – which we believe will lead to pupils having high aspirations and expectations of themselves.  We want every child to achieve their very best and are committed to ensuring that Cantonian is an excellent school whereby all our pupils have A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

How does the school challenge high achievers?

All lessons are planned for the top to support high achievers.  Examples of top levels and grades are given to pupils so that they can see what they need to do in order to achieve their best.

What is the anti-bullying policy for the school?

The school has a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to bullying.  We ensure that pupils are put together in friendship groups on arrival to Cantonian to make the transition between primary and secondary school easier.

We are also a ‘restorative’ school which means that we take a restorative approach to resolving conflict and preventing harm.  Restorative approaches enable those who have been harmed to convey the impact of the harm to those responsible, and for those responsible to acknowledge this impact and take steps to put it right.

How does the school communicate with parents?

Communication between school and parents/carers is vital and we do this through a variety of methods: phone calls, text messages, emails, letters, class-charts, parents’ evenings, face-to-face meetings and social media (Twitter and website)

We also have a Family Engagement Officer, Mrs Kelly, who is available throughout the transition process to answer any questions you may have.

How does the school engage with the community?

Cantonian prides itself on being a true community school and we are actively involved in our local area.  Our Governors hold coffee mornings and our Access base pupils in particular enjoy hosting craft fairs.  The School Council regularly supports charities, with donation to Help the Homeless, and takes part in litter picking in the local area with ‘Keep Cardiff Tidy’.  At Christmas time, we hold an annual carol service in Llandaff Cathedral, and enjoy visiting local care homes with our school choir.  We also post greeting cards designed by one of our pupils to residents and businesses in the surrounding area.

What is Class Charts and how do I access it?

Class Charts is an internet-based package which staff can use to send messages and updates to parents/carers and record both positive and negative points for pupils.  Download the FREE parent APP via the Apple App Store or Google Play and register your account as follows:

  1. Open
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Choose ‘I don’t have an account yet’
  4. Enter your own, unique Parent Access Code «Parent_code» and name
  5. Choose a password
  6. Click Log-in

Is there a breakfast club?

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to provide this service until further notice.

In normal circumstances, however, we run a daily breakfast club from 8 to 8.30am.  The range of breakfasts on offer includes fruit, cereal, toast and bacon rolls.

How do I report if my child is ill?

If your child is ill or there is a family emergency, let us know on the first day they are away by telephoning school on the 24-hour absence line: 029 2041 5297

What are the behaviour strategies at the school?

High standards of behaviour are expected from all our pupils, based on clear rules and a mutual respect fostered between pupils and staff, underpinned by the 3 R's: Ready, Responsible, Respectful.  We use Class Charts to record behaviour, issuing both positive and negative points, and Form Tutors and Heads of Year monitor this.  Full details of our behaviour strategies, including our restorative approach, can be found in our Behaviour Policy on the school’s website.